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About Us

Jeff & Tara Miller  Contact us at (204)471-3125 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Most Recent work featured in the 2013 Local Fare Magazine

Jeff was trained as a commercial photographer graduating from one the top photography courses in Canada with a 98% overall average. Jeff also has a diploma in Radio and Television Broadcasting. Jeff says “If you want to be the best at what you do you can’t stop learning, you must commit yourself just like a professional athlete when your not playing the game you are always looking for ways to improve on your skill’s.” “ I embrace the challenge of creating a unique image for each client, if I don’t someone else will.

In order to be successful we have incorporated the talents of other experts to give you something that no other local photographer’s can offer you. Our support team consists of web designers, graphic designers, red seal chefs and bakers, commercial printers and professional photo lab technicians.

The difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is the ability to control light. A great photographer knows how to use the high noon sun to their advantage where a good photographer will either move you out of the sun or take their chance that they can recover something useable in post production.

We are always sharing our craft with other photographers in seminars and meetings where ideas are shared and techniques are refined. Every light on a set should serve a purpose not just there because you have it in your bag.

The reason we can consistently create amazing images for you is, we have the recipe for success and the ingredients are the information that we share together with you in the pre shoot meeting.

Jeff’s favorite place’s to be photographing are in the kitchen or out on a random farm road.


Tara has natural artistic eye for what looks appealing despite being legally blind with less then 6% vision. I have always loved telling stories and being a Commercial Photographer I get the chance to tell the stories of my clients in an artistic and unique way. Due to eye surgery that I had when I was a child I was given the unique opportunity to see UV light and that is why allot of my images are very vibrant because I process them the way I saw the image through my eye when I captured it and not the way the colours appeared on the back of the camera. Tara's favorite place's to be photographing are in the Mountains or Chasing Thunder Storms.