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 Tara, has done what most people might think would be an impossible challenge. Tara has become a legally blind professional commercial photographer. After winning a national photo contest the public reached out through email and social media to let Tara know how she inspires others because of her determination not to let her disability to stand in the way of her passion.“I have struggled with my vision loss due to Glaucoma and found my "inner peace" when I took up photography again with the advantages of the digital age. I want to let others know not give up what you are passionate about.

The world was introduced to Tara in June 2011 when she entered her image a lightning strike over a sunflower field at sunset that she called “Fortuitous Twilight”. The contest called “Eye Remember” was put on by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) , the contest was a nation wide calling to photographers across Canada to submit an image that meant something special to them in hope to raise awareness for Glaucoma. Tara had being holding onto the image that she captured in August 2010 near Starbuck, MB. she say’s I always thought the image was special to me but I didn’t think it was good enough to enter into competition.

Being a client of CNIB Tara heard about the contest through a newsletter and immediately new she had to enter “Fortuitous Twilight” because the contest was about something she has being affected by since the onset of it at the age of 18. The contest was open to both full sighted and visually impaired Canadians with the images being juried by a panel of 3 industry professionals. Tara’s image was short listed to the final 5 where the voting was then open to the general public world wide. The panel did not know that Tara was legally blind until she informed them after she received her email that she was a client. Tara asked friends and family for votes over social media and email, that is when a couple of local radio and newspapers saw her reaching out and realized that her story needed to be shared on a bigger platform. After Tara’s story appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press and The Metro News Paper the producers of Coast To Coast AM picked up on the story online and shared it on their website and it went viral from there.

The result being a flood of over 800 emails that Tara has personally answered each and every one. The emails contained congratulations and telling her how she inspires them and how her story picked them up when they were having a bad day.

Tara won the contest with the Grand Prize having a choice of five great Canadian destinations, she choose to visit Quebec in October for the fall color change.

After numerous requests both nationally and internationally Tara has started sharing her story through motivational speaking and inspiring others. She speaks about overcoming the bullying that she experienced throughout school all the way up to her graduation day. She leaves the audience saying it doesn’t matter what you are passionate about in life just follow your dream and don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it because I am living proof of it.

Tara has most recently being recognized on CNN I Report as an Editor’s Choice, CTV Canadian Originals, and Global National News.

Tara’s print “Fortuitous Twilight” is being sold in both open and limited editions.


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"Passion Crushes Limitations"

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