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Family Portraits

Your portrait session is something special that is why we want to sit down with you before your portrait session and discuss every detail that will happen on the day of the photo session, including what clothing photographs best. We always like to meet our clients before their session this way I don’t have to look silly walking around the park and going up to every sharply dressed family asking I am supposed be taking your photos today.

Great relaxed looking photograph’s do not happen naturally, those are the harsh light everyone looking their own way poses.

Great images are created.

The true secret to getting a natural looking, very flattering, something you can’t wait to show off to friends, family and coworkers, those images are not created by chance. Jeff and Tara’s extensive planning and their photography skills create your images.

Like any professional athlete that practices to be the best so on game day they are ready to perform and excel above the rest. That is what we are prepared to do for you.

As you have probably figured out we are not a budget photography business because your images and memories are more precious then that. That is why we can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied from your initial consultation to the delivery of your final prints.

All of your prints are reviewed and proofed by a professional lab technician that stands behind their work and 100% guarantee’s complete satisfaction or they will make it right.

Everyone has a family lawyer, a family doctor, a family dentist, we want to be your family photographer. We offer special exclusive offers to our repeat clients as well as cash incentives for your referral’s.

You realize your memories are precious, that is why you are reading this right now.

Don’t intrust your memories to a hobbyist, trust the professionals that will create a legacy for your family.