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“We eat with our eyes before we ever smell or taste.”


Flavour perception is influenced by food colour

Colour plays a key role in food choice by influencing taste thresholds, sweetness perception, food preference, pleasantness, and acceptability.
Fergus Clydesdale, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, USA

Let great photography and design work for you and your business. It is well worth the time, energy, and money invested as the return will be much greater in the end.

Time is Money

Your time and money is important to us because the more money we can save you during the photo shoot the greater your ROI. By maximizing your ROI this means we can establish a long term relationship with you.


How do we save you money?

We have a fully equipped mobile studio so we can work on location at your establishment during a time that works best for you. By shooting at your location you don’t have to worry about you or your staff working in a foreign kitchen and paying your staff to show up at a photographers studio, not to mention having to load up half your kitchen in your car.


Working within your budget

Every project needs a budget, when you have a budget you can see the direct Return On Investment. After the photo shoot we encourage you to talk to your customers to find out what made them visit. A great way to see the effectiveness of your campaign is to offer exclusive deals posted on your social media outlets.


Communication is the Recipe For Success

Let’s sit down and talk. We would love to come down and show you our portfolio and then discuss your goals for your project. We have a series of questions that will help address such factors as; How long of a session do you require, How complicated will the shoot will be, and Where are you targeting this campaign. Some questions you may already have the answers for but other questions will assist in the creative process.


Free Offer

If you agree to sit down with us for a short 15 minute presentation to get to know us better, we will give you a free 1 hour photo shoot where we will produce 3-5 images for you to share through your email or Social Media.

Contact us at E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. P: (204) 471-3125

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