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Why Specialize In Agriculture Photography

Let’s start from the beginning, when I was young my dad was a traveling salesman with the territories of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Western Ontario and because his work would take him to allot of small towns it was always a thrill to go on a road trip. It was at the young age of 7 or 8 that I realized that people from small towns were different (In a good way). After I carried in my dad’s sample bags it was off to explore the small towns as he worked. As I walked down the street’s people were always so friendly with a big smile and a hearty “Good Morning” it really made me feel special, why were these people so happy and giving me the same attention that they would give their own Grand Children? It was just the small town way and I loved it. Not to mention thee best homemade Apple Pies I have ever tasted.

As we traveled during early mornings and late evenings I got to see allot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the prairies. My first beautiful sunset I remember was just outside of Russell Manitoba, it was a hot August evening and as we drove down the road and the sun was setting the sky turned fire orange and off in the distance was a farmer still out on the combine, it is something that I will always remember.

When I was 27 I had the opportunity to become my own boss and took a job as an owner/operator courier driver. Over the next 10 years I worked on 4 different routes but by far I felt at home and had the most fun on the routes that took me to Rural Manitoba it was the customers that made the difference. I always made sure to look after the Farmers and Producers to do my best to make sure they got their shipment on time because they could be waiting for parts for their machine that I could be carrying on my truck. I realized how important it was for the farmer to get their delivery when my truck broke down in Carman one day and a customer from Manitou phoned me up looking for their shipment and said don’t go anywhere I am coming to meet you in Carman for my shipment. Wow that is commitment.

In 2008 while attending a photography course the instructor received a call asking for volunteer photographers for Amazing Agriculture Adventure, I jumped at the chance and what happened over the next 3 days changed my life and gave me direction for my photography career.  It was an amazing site to see all the Grade 4 and 5 students learning about agriculture from farmers and producers that took time to come volunteer their time teaching these students during the day and rushing home to still do their daily chores or to go out and harvest all night.

After seeing the efforts of all these people to excite youth to be the future Farmers, Producers and Scientists, I knew it was my job to excite the next generation about Agriculture through the images I could create with my camera.

So next time you look at one of our images stop and look a little longer because each one of those images is meant to tell a story, to captivate the audience, and to make people think about all the hard working people that made those images possible to capture, because without those people you have an empty field with no produce or livestock.