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Top 3 reasons to hire a commercial photographer

Reason 1: Your customers want to see you.

We live in a visual culture. We scan rather than read, glance rather than look. Your customers are making decisions even faster than they realize. Within a few tenths of a second a customer looking at an image of your business has roughly sorted it into “like” or “don’t like.” This is great news if you’ve invested in working with a commercial photographer to craft images that tell customers what your business is really about. Your customers will be walking through the door with a generally positive impression of your business. If you’ve cut corners on photography, they won’t notice your painstaking and expensive marketing efforts. Do you have the most inviting space? Is your selection head-and-shoulders above your competitors? Are your offices a reflection of the commitment to quality that exemplifies your brand? Show your customers.

Reason 2: Be prepared.

In a multimedia world, things happen fast. Really fast. In the same campaign your needing to meet the needs of bloggers, magazines, television, online video, customer review sites, the list is never ending. By having a variety of materials on hand in an online press pack, with a click of the mouse you can supply any outlet with everything they need, anywhere in the world. This turns your online buzz into a powerful, low cost and most importantly visual marketing tool.

Reason 3: Create your own stopping power.

Countless advertising and media studies have shown conclusively that viewers spend 50-75% more time viewing ads that are at least 66% image. This coupled with a sharp decline in print advertising pages leaves the ad market more competitive than ever. Now, rather than competing with other business to have customers understand you’re ad content, your fighting to get them to stop in the first place. If you need 2/3rds of your ad to be image, are you comfortable with just any image? Are you willing to spend thousands of dollars on an ad that people won’t even stop to look at? Use photography to capture viewers attention or your expensive ad is just wasted real estate.

Allowing Enough Time For You Project To Be Done On Time

To insure that we can deliver your project on time please consider when your deadline is.  Here are a few questions that can help both of us out.

1) When is my project due or when do you need your Add Campaign to run?

2) If your are booking a corporate portrait for an AGM report, does the person need to be flown in and what is there schedule?

3) Does the project need to go to a printer? Most printers require a minimum of 2 weeks depending the size of the job and what else they have going on at the time.

A good guideline to consider is we usually book 2 weeks in advance depending on the season. Once the photo shoot has taken place you can expect to receive your files within 10 business days, extra time may be required depending on the size of the project.

How Much Is My Photo Shoot Going To Cost?

You are making a serious investment having professional photographer’s solving your imagery problem’s, that is why every project is quoted on a job by job basis depending on what the project entails. The more information that we share with each other in the pre shoot meeting the cheaper it will be because we will be prepared for all possibilities on the day of the photo shoot.

After our pre meeting we will email you an electronic quote within 3 business days. It is imperative that anyone in the decision making process be present for the meeting so we can make sure all questions are answered.